/1.This dog led a homeless life throughout its existence, and the transformation in its later years left witnesses astonished.

/1.This dog led a homeless life throughout its existence, and the transformation in its later years left witnesses astonished.

There are so many abandoned animals around the world living in the streets and wherever they can find temporary shelter. One dog had been living in the streets for a long time, but some unexpected help came his way via the organization called Hope for Paws. According to reports, the dog, who they later named Benji, had been living on the streets for his entire life. As the rescuers went to find him, he saw the poor dog underneath a Chevy pickup. The rescue agency had been told that the dog was afraid of human beings and wouldn’t let anyone get close to him. Indeed, when the rescuers drove up, the little dog crawled out from beneath the truck and started walking away.

No doubt Benji was well accustomed to being kicked out of safe spaces and told to move. However, the rescuers were determined to save Benji, so they got some sort of stick and started running after the dog. This little guy was determined to escape. It’s nearly certain that he has been mistreated frequently by humans. There are some folks in the world who just have no empathy. When the rescuers finally got him cornered, they ran him into an alleyway that had a gate. After closing the gate, they were able to get him captured by the stick. The poor little thing went absolutely insane with terror, and he was breathing rapidly and clearly terrified.



As he was writhing around and nearly killing himself to try to escape, the rescuers were steadily talking to him in soothing voices saying, “It’s OK, it’s OK.” Finally, they got him to settle down some and he seemed to realize that they weren’t going to hurt him. They were even able to pet him and the dog seemed to visibly relax as he was gently stroked. He had the worst case of matting that the rescuer had ever seen. They were able to get the stick off of Benji and get a leash on him. Could it be that Benji sensed or hoped that rescue might be coming to him? This video is heartbreaking, but Benji’s transformation is beautiful.

When they got him back to the office, the rescuers shaved him, revealing hundreds of fleas. But wow, did he turn out beautiful. Once they got him cleaned up, Lisa Chiarelli began working with Benji to try to heal his poor tortured soul. Hope for Paws says that for more than ten days, Benji was nearly completely shut down. How do you go from living an entire life on the streets and in fear to being 100% safe? Benji found two friends in dogs Lola and Frankie, who helped him begin to come out of his shell. It’s so beautiful to watch him begin to play and really live. Watch this video below.


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