A challenging yet rewarding journey: taking care of an abandoned kitten

A challenging yet rewarding journey: taking care of an abandoned kitten

A kitten as little as the palm of a hand received timely assistance and was able to advance in life. The kitten was so little that when it was five weeks old, it seemed like it had only been alive for a week.

Through the TNR (Catch, Neuter, Return) programme in Boston, the Charles River Alleycats rescued a litter of kittens from a feral cat colony.

There was one kitten in particular that stuck out among all the others they had saved that day because of its diminutive size.

Heather Fontaine-Doyle, a volunteer at the Broken Tail Rescue animal shelter, contacted the little one as soon as the news surfaced.

“I was taken aback when the litter was delivered to me. The kitten was roughly half the size of his brothers and had the appearance of a little squirrel.

‘Pill Bug,’ they named it. He weighed just eight ounces at five weeks old, yet despite his diminutive physique, he showed a battling spirit.

“We ruled out the possibility that he was younger than the other three kittens based on his teeth.” His limbs were incredibly short and he was very little.


Pill Bug’s health condition got difficult after a week in the foster home, and he required a lot of attention. Heather worked nonstop all day, feeding him with a syringe, keeping him hydrated, and showering him with affection to show him he was cared for.

After about a week, the Pill Bug began to improve; he became more interested in the humans, his toys, and the other cats around him. The kitten gradually improved, and he began to gain weight as a result of his progress. Because she wanted to continually look after him, the mother took him everywhere.

He was eventually identified with congenital dwarfism, which meant he would grow at half the pace of a typical cat.

Heather expressed herself as follows:

“I guess we knew it was a dwarf cat all along, especially since it took him up to nine weeks to get to a pound!”

Furthermore, because the animal has an overbite and a small jaw, it will require dental operations in the near future to ensure its quality of life.

Heather expressed herself as follows:

“Its claws can’t stretch or retract, and its spine is stiff and unyielding.”

Despite his issues and physical constraints, the Pill Bug is a very lively creature that craves human interaction whenever he has the opportunity. He always attempts to fight with a paper bag, no toy escapes his gaze, and he will always leap up and run for everything that moves.

Pill Bug attends physical therapy on a regular basis to help improve his range of motion and physical restrictions, and he also engages in a lot of activity, which he enjoys.

Heather expressed herself as follows:

“He lets out a burst of energy, and he loves it when I carry him on my shoulder.” He rushes to his dish of food when it’s time to eat. “It’s quick!”

Pill bug has grown a lot in the last several months, and she’s turned into a really loving and naughty little one. He’s still a lot smaller than most cats his age, but he makes up for it with his wonderful attitude.

The kitten enjoys climbing the cat tree, but because he is not a competent climber, his foster family constructed a ladder for him to use. As a result, the Pill Bug can easily reach the highest points in your home and check everything that occurs in the corners.

His eyes light up and he starts to leap when he finds a toy or another cat’s tail.

“Pill Bug had a rough start in life, but he was lucky to have so many people working hard to make him the happy, healthy little man he is now.”

The adorable kitty turned one year old recently, and his foster family marked the occasion with a birthday cake crafted from his favorite foods.

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