A clumsy man's heroic rescue sparks unconditional love for a lost dog.

A clumsy man’s heroic rescue sparks unconditional love for a lost dog.

A clumsy man was walking home from work one day when he saw a tiny dog under a parked car. The man decided to assist the dog because it appeared afraid and lost.

He went gently under the car and reached for the dog. The dog was wary at first, but it eventually approached him. The man scooped up the dog carefully and took it out from under the car.

The dog was so overjoyed to be rescued that it licked the man all over. The man chuckled and pet the dog. He could tell the dog was grateful to him.

The man chose to bring the dog home with him. He bathed the dog and gave him a bowl of food. The dog ate greedily before curling up on the man’s lap and falling asleep.

Lucky was the man’s name for his dog. Lucky and the man became fast friends. They went for daily walks together, and Lucky always slept in the man’s bed at night.

The man saw a group of children playing one day while he was walking Lucky in the park. Lucky dashed over to the children and began playing with them. Lucky was adored by the children, and they all had a great time together.

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