A dog prevents its owner from traveling to Wuhan by destroying her passport.

A dog prevents its owner from traveling to Wuhan by destroying her passport.

When this mischievous dog chewed up her mommy’s passport right before her planned trip to Wuhan, the pup was not in her mom’s good graces.

Kimi, a sweet Golden Retriever, greeted her owner with the chewed up, pulpy remains of her passport just a month before the woman had planned to travel from Taiwan to Wuhan for a family trip.

Kimi’s obliteration of her owner’s passport meant that the trip had to be cancelled.


Kimi’s owner was obviously not pleased with her mischievous pup, and Kimi seemed to feel pretty ashamed of her actions.

However, soon after the passport-incident, a new development in Wuhan caused Kimi’s owner to feel grateful that Kimi had prevented her trip.

Just a few days after the woman’s passport got trashed, it was revealed that the reported cases of coronavirus in Wuhan had increased dramatically.

The virus had even begun to spread to other countries, and a few days after posting about the destroyed passport, the dog owner shared another post, thanking her dog fro protecting her.

Coronaviruses are quite common and usually cause symptoms like coughing, fever or a runny nose.

However, while some coronaviruses are fairly mild, others are far more serious, such as SARS which killed over 700 people in the 2013 outbreak.

The coronavirus found in Wuhan appears to be similar to SARS and is spreading troublingly fast. It is highly adaptable and is able to mutate at an alarming rate.

Kimi’s destruction of the passport turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Perhaps it was animal intuition, perhaps it was simply puppyish playfulness, but in the end, the result is the same: Kimi’s mishap kept her mom safe.

The ruined passport really turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and Kimi’s owner and her family were able to get together in a safer environment at New Years.

Though Kimi was initially embarrassed and ashamed, we’re sure this beautiful pup is feeling much better about her little mistake now.

After all, getting into a little bit of trouble was definitely worth it in the end, because now Kimi’s got her mommy exactly where she wants her:

Safe and sound and snuggled up beside her.

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