A pregnant cat's daring escape leads to a heartwarming birth at a safe haven of last resort.

A pregnant cat’s daring escape leads to a heartwarming birth at a safe haven of last resort.

Maui rescuers reunited one little cat family born into the surreal charred landscape around the former seaside town of Lahaina. A mama cat and three adorable kittens are now safely at the Maui Humane Society and will all have a chance for long, happy lives. And the story of how they were reunited is mind-blowing!

Mama Cat Caught at One of 75 Feeding Stations Around Lahaina
First, they caught the mama cat, a beautifully patterned black and white kitty with pale green eyes. She and hundreds of other cats have been humanely trapped near the 75 feeding stations placed around Lahaina. The stations stocked with food and clean water, have prevented cats from migrating out of the area so they could be helped and reunited with their human families.

After working until late at night, the rescuers return with the cats. That’s how they caught the pretty mama cat. But what they didn’t know at first was this cats kittens needed rescue too!

During an exam of the mama cat, they noticed she was lactating, hoping her kittens were still out there and alive. Even after working into the night, the team didn’t hesitate to go right back out that very night to search for them.

“During the white and black cat’s exam, our staff noticed she was lactating! This meant that her litter of kittens was still somewhere in Lahaina, needing her milk. Our trapping team was informed, and they went out that very night, determined to find her kittens,” the Maui Humane Society shared.

Black and white mama cat with there kittens after Maui Humane Society reunited them, Joy Smith PDX Cat Trapper,


Three Kittens Hiding Under a Collapsed Wall
How would they begin to find these kittens? All they knew was where the mama was caught, so they started there. Then, they used their skills and experience and lots of hope they could find them before it was too late.

“They searched the area where the mama cat was found, played mom cat calling sounds and soon enough, they heard some teeny tiny meows! The kittens were nearby!” they shared.

They located the kittens, but the challenge was just beginning! But nothing would stop them from getting the young ones to safety.

“They traced the sounds of the kittens; they were coming from a small pocket that was under a collapsed cinderblock wall. The team carefully removed each brick by brick and found 3 little kittens! MHS staff met the trappers on the burn zone perimeter to bring the kittens back to the shelter to be reunited with their mama right away.” they shared.

Rescuers save kittens from under a cinderblock wall near Lahaina following fires on Maui

Mama Escaped the Fires and Found the Safest Place She Could
The three kittens were about 3-4 weeks old and wouldn’t have lived without the warmth and protection of their mother. That means their mother was pregnant during the fires, escaped, and found the safest place she could to give birth.

“What a testimony to all moms out there!” remarked PDX Cat Trapper.

Kittens saved around Lahaina, Maui after rescuers tear down cinderblock wall, fire cats, Joy Smith PDX Cat Trapper,

As ameowzing as this rescue is, it’s just one of hundreds in recent weeks.

“The family of 4 are now at the shelter. They have shelter, food, water and a safe space. This is just one story of 4 little lives saved out of the hundreds that are currently in our care,” they shared.

Kittens saved around Lahaina, Maui after rescuers tear down cinderblock wall, fire cats, Joy Smith PDX Cat Trapper, 3

The three cute kittens appeared in a post to celebrate a fundraiser to help the Maui Humane Society continue to care for the animals on the island. Many will need long-term care to recover from severe injuries and burns. Amazingly, they reached their goal to raise $1M, which was then matched by the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation! It’s heartwarming to know that so many people cared enough to help!

“Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to our entire community of supporters for contributing to this success, which allows us to further our fire-relief efforts. Maui Humane Society is deeply grateful to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for its generous support of our organization, and for improving the lives of Maui’s animals and community.”

Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, Maui Humane Society, one million goal

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