Mother cat and her cubs were saved from a dirty and cold life thanks to human kindness

Mother cat and her cubs were saved from a dirty and cold life thanks to human kindness

A mother cat took her kittens to an apartment building in Great Yarmouth , England . Tenants heard their meows in the attic and contacted East Coast Pet Rescue for help. A story shared by Eastern Daily Press .

According to a neighbor’s testimony, the felines entered through a hole in the roof. The owner of the accommodation was informed of the situation and undertook to re-seal it. On the other hand, he asked residents not to leave food on site, probably to prevent the arrival of pests.

“They were really worried about them”

The benefactors therefore had no possibility of feeding the family. They were also concerned about their well-being, since it was very cold up there. The place was also dirty, which could impact their health. Unfortunately, the animals were difficult to reach. They had no choice but to contact local rescue organization East Coast Pet Rescue.

Sarah Evans, the co-founder of the association, answered the call. She immediately took the situation seriously, as those she spoke to seemed so worried. Once there, she spotted the cats and was able to organize the rescue.

A better future for the family

The kittens were taken out one after the other without much difficulty. It took a few treats to convince the mother to leave her hiding place. Family members were cared for by Sarah Evans. Despite their poor living conditions before being rescued, they were all in good health: ” All the kittens were dusty and dirty, but mom had done a very good job taking care of them, ” she said.

The cat was sociable and affectionate. Her rescuer is convinced that she had an owner in the past. However, she was not chipped. So, like her kittens, she was put up for adoption, then she went to live in his home for life.


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