Rescued an exhausted mother cat lying motionless in the middle of the road while her two kittens desperately called for her

Rescued an exhausted mother cat lying motionless in the middle of the road while her two kittens desperately called for her

Today, I witnessed a heartbreaking scene when I saw a mother cat lying motionless on the roadside, and two helpless kittens desperately trying to call for their mother. The two little kittens nudged their heads against their mother’s neck and back, hoping that she would wake up. However, the mother cat showed no response. She lay there weakly, unmoving like a lifeless body. The kittens continued to cling to their mother, crying in despair.

I approached closer to check the condition of the mother cat and discovered that her heartbeat was very weak, but there was still hope to save her. Immediately, I sought the help of a friend to get a crate. I gently placed the two kittens inside the crate, then used a wet cloth to clean the mother cat’s face and placed her inside the crate with her babies.

We took the mother cat to see a veterinarian with a mixture of nervousness and worry, as she was so weak that she had almost a fifty percent chance of survival. The mother cat was feverish, exhausted, had imbalanced blood pressure, and was calcium deficient, all consequences of being starved for a prolonged period while still nursing her two kittens.

Despite being on the verge of starvation herself, the mother cat still provided milk for her offspring. This display of maternal love moved us to tears. We tried to provide nutrients and fluids through intravenous infusion for the mother cat.

Meanwhile, the two kittens remained relatively healthy. After about two hours of medication infusion, the mother cat finally regained consciousness and regained some strength. The first thing the mother cat did was search for her babies. To allow the mother cat to rest, we brought the kittens closer to her. Only then did the mother cat feel at ease and lie down.

Although she couldn’t eat on her own yet, we had to feed the mother cat through a syringe. She swallowed each drop of milk with great effort, perhaps trying her best to seize the chance to continue living alongside her kittens.

After a day, the mother cat started to take gentle steps. Although she still had a poor appetite, we encouraged her to eat a little. The situation gradually improved, and we understood that the mother cat and her litter needed more time to fully recover from the hardships and fears they had endured.

We made a commitment to care for and protect the mother cat and her two kittens. Without timely courage and assistance, this cat family may have faced a tragic fate. But now, we believe there is hope for their future, where they can enjoy a happy and peaceful life together.

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