thang.Meet Samson: The Majestic Feline Titan Ruling the Streets of New York City

thang.Meet Samson: The Majestic Feline Titan Ruling the Streets of New York City

Meet Samson, the colossal feline that resides in Brooklyn and tips the scale at 28 pounds, making him the largest cat in NYC. His owner, Jonathan Zurbel, boasts about Samson’s size and welcomes any contenders who might think their cat is bigger. Samson is a 4-year-old purebred Maine coon and measures an impressive 4-foot in length, which is unusual even for his breed, known as the largest among felines. Dr. Lisa Lippman, a Manhattan veterinarian, confirms Samson’s enormous size and says most cats she sees weigh approximately 10 pounds. Despite his hefty dimensions, Samson does not act like an average kitty.

According to music producer Jonathan Zurbel, his cat Samson behaves much like a dog and enjoys playing fetch and following him from room to room. However, unlike a dog, Samson does not enjoy walking on a leash and is instead wheeled around in a green pet stroller through Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Samson’s size draws crowds of photographers, with many people mistaking him for a lion or bobcat. Caring for such a large cat is not easy, as he requires six cans of wet food, several bags of dry food, and nearly 4 pounds of litter every week. Despite the effort, Zurbel believes that Samson is worth it and describes him as affectionate and sweet. Samson is also an Instagram star with over 11,000 followers on his @catstradamus account. Although he may weigh 28 pounds, Samson should not be mistaken for a fat cat, as he is well-proportioned and a “gentle giant,” according to his groomer Carolyn Ayala.

The Largest Cat In NYC Who Weighs 28 Lbs And Is Larger Than Most Bobcats | Bored Panda

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