Thanks to the cat's appearance, the man's life quickly changed in ways he himself could not have imagined.

Thanks to the cat’s appearance, the man’s life quickly changed in ways he himself could not have imagined.

The wanderer’s despair

The winter rains are always very cold. On the streets of London, the wind was bone-chilling, James in ragged clothes was holding a guitar and singing.

Everyone on the street tightened their clothes and kept walking, not paying attention to a person wandering around with a guitar. A person like him who has nothing, can only compete with rats in the trash for food.

In addition to poverty, James also had to fight many temptations, including alcohol and drugs… When interacting with drug dealers and street alcoholics, he fell into a trap from which he could not escape. of addictive substances.

Naturally, James intended to use it as an anesthetic, to help him escape this painful life.

Because of this, people look down on wanderers even more, and they would rather throw away leftover food than give it to him; When his family saw him, they were not moved or sarcastic; Sitting at the entrance of a shopping mall is often chased away…

For James, this cold world only brings him despair, he sinks deeper and deeper into the mud.

Turning point

Then one day, thanks to the help of an honest addiction support person, James got a place to live. When he saw hot water, he was as happy as a child, thinking: Finally, I can have a place to live. dear, no need to wander in the cold dark nights.

Just as he was eating, an orange cat jumped into the kitchen to steal something, unfortunately he hit it.

Looking at the cat, the wandering man felt compassion and gave all the leftover food to the cat.

 Cứu 1 con mèo hoang, người đàn ông bất ngờ đổi đời theo cách không ai nghĩ đến - Ảnh 1.

The cat was seriously injured. He suddenly felt that he and the cat were both “orphans” abandoned by society. So without hesitation, James brought it to the veterinary hospital.

Because of the cat, he accepted “the family’s bankruptcy”.

Thanks to James’ care, the cat gradually recovered. He understood he couldn’t keep a cat, so he thought of a million ways to find it a new owner. However, when he brought the animal and knocked on every door, no one adopted him.

To make a living, James still goes out to sing on the streets. When saying goodbye to the cat at the bus stop, the animal kept running along the highway. When the bus opened, it found its owner and gently jumped into his arms.

James emotionally hugged the cat tightly. Since then, the relationship between man and cat has become closer and deeper. He even named the cat Bob.

Unexpected change

To make more money, buy cat food and canned goods, James goes out early and comes home late, singing everywhere. When he sang, Bob stayed next to the piano, obediently listening to the music. Bob, with his cute appearance, has won the hearts of passersby.

The despised tramp and the stray cat that no one mourned for, suddenly became a part of London’s street scene.

Passersby and tourists were looking for them to take pictures with, and the “couple” quickly became “famous stars”.

 Cứu 1 con mèo hoang, người đàn ông bất ngờ đổi đời theo cách không ai nghĩ đến - Ảnh 2.

A serious addict like James still “doesn’t make enough to spend” every day. In order to continue living and no longer be controlled by drugs, he decided to quit his addiction and regain the courage to say goodbye to his former self.

But detoxification is easier said than done. During 48 hours of detoxification, James convulsed, hallucinated, and vomited, but he still tried to endure it because he knew that the cat was always by his side and would not leave him.

Having gone through life and death battles, James successfully quit addiction and started a new life.

During his days with the cat, he learned to be caring and responsible.

“Now I have two mouths to feed. These days with Bob I am full of energy. Feeding him, keeping him warm, and keeping Bob safe are the most important things to me.” – James shared.

Since the cat appeared, he began to be respected by everyone and from here, this man saw a ray of hope in life, gradually he began to believe in the honesty of cats. People.

Later, their story was known to a picture book publisher, and James wrote a book about his and Bob’s experiences titled “Meet a Cat: Days of Being Friends with Bob.”

The newly published book became a bestseller of the year, was translated into more than 30 countries, sold more than 1 million copies, and was later adapted into a movie. The story touched countless readers.

That’s author James Bowen, in the book he wrote: “Everyone needs a turning point. Everyone has a second chance, Bob and I got it.”

He used to smoke drugs, pick up trash to eat, and was abandoned by people, but thanks to a cat, he revived, became a star, and became a best-selling author worldwide. This transformation can be considered extremely unique.

In fact, no matter how difficult it is, people should not lose hope. Each of us has a second chance. Without despair, we will find a way out.

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