The boy painfully witnessed his four-legged friend pass away: A lesson about the pain of loss

The boy painfully witnessed his four-legged friend pass away: A lesson about the pain of loss

People who have never raised a dog will find it difficult to understand the painful feeling of losing a friend or relative, a dog in the family, like those who have. The image of a young man in pain holding his dead pet dog has received much sympathy from everyone.

For those who love pets, dogs or cats, they see those animals as a close friend or family member. These pets, along with their owners, experience many of the most beautiful memories.

When people who have never owned a dog see a friend sad about losing their dog, they think it’s just an overreaction, because after all, it’s just a pet. However, those who have ever loved a dog will understand one thing: Your dog is more than just a pet.

Research has confirmed that for us, the pain of losing a dog is, in almost all respects, comparable to the pain of losing a loved one. Unfortunately, this is not often recognized by many people, so it makes us feel a little embarrassed when expressing our grief for a deceased dog in front of others.

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Perhaps if people understood the strong bond between owner and dog, that concern would disappear.

Recently, the online community shared an image of a sad man holding a dead pet, receiving sympathy from everyone:

When looking at past images, everyone can easily recognize that he has had many beautiful memories with this close 4-legged friend of his.

The boy’s story touched many of you, remembering his pet dog:

“The other day, a neighbor’s dog passed away. My friend kept crying all day, no one could calm him down… It wasn’t until that afternoon that his father gave him a big grilled thigh that he stopped crying” – D.D.H shared.

“10 years together but my sister passed away so suddenly. This whole year I didn’t dare raise any more children partly because I missed them and partly because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take care of any more children” – E.V shared.

”Only those who raise dogs can understand this feeling. The pain is beyond words.”

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