The brave cat lost an ear in the fight for survival.

The brave cat lost an ear in the fight for survival.

At the Houston SPCA, we will long remember the passage of little Van Gogh, a cat found in the engine of a car and then welcomed into the shelter. After losing an ear in his misadventure, the feline set out in search of the family of his dreams, and he did not disappoint anyone!

Illustration: “This cat lost one of its two ears after entering a place dangerous for its survival”

On September 8, volunteers from the Houston SPCA ( United States ) shared a special adventure that touched the hearts of many animal lovers. It was the story of Van Gogh , a red and white cat found in perilous circumstances, but who was able to overcome all the ordeals with impressive bravery.

Saved “just in time”

Van Gogh had been discovered a few days earlier. He was stuck in the engine of a car, but no one knows how he got there, says WSB-TV. This traumatic incident cost him one of his two ears, leaving him with an indelible scar.

“ This brave little soul was trapped in the engine , and part of his ear was torn and burned,” say members of the Houston SPCA on Facebook. Thanks to the unfailing dedication of our rescue team and the unconditional support of our community, we managed to save him just in time. »

A spirit that shines “with a thousand lights”

Thus, Van Gogh was able to begin his road to recovery. The cat with its singular appearance, with its signature scar, quickly gained unanimous support among the volunteers and won all hearts. After receiving proper care and recovering from his injuries, he was placed in a cage while he waited to find his dream family.

Fortunately, the wait wasn’t long for little Van Gogh . “ With the help of our fabulous partners at Petsmart Charities, we found him a loving new home ,” shelter members rejoiced. After the rain comes the good weather!

“ Despite the trials he endured, Van Gogh’s indomitable spirit continues to shine brightly ,” the volunteers added. This feline’s story is a message of hope: it shows that it is always possible to find joy and love, even after experiencing dark times.

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