The cat cried desperately for help in the garden for 5 days.

The cat cried desperately for help in the garden for 5 days.

A stray cat was found in the garden about two weeks ago. When we discovered it, it appeared hungry and injured. Despite being weak, it showed no fear and didn’t run away. Its scruffy appearance and dirty fur indicated that the cat had been neglected for a long time. It continued to approach us as if it had chosen this place as its sanctuary.

We noticed that its hind leg was problematic, causing it to limp and even fall. Nevertheless, the cat still tried to come closer to us, pleading for help. There were many fleas on its fur, crawling out and moving whenever the cat moved. Its pleading eyes kept looking at me.

I couldn’t refuse that request. I gently brought the cat into the bathroom for a bath. The layer of dirt on its fur washed away, revealing a beautiful coat of soft white fur. After bathing, the cat was taken for a health check-up. Fortunately, the cat didn’t have any health issues, just exhaustion and temporary loss of function in the hind legs due to fatigue.


The veterinarians administered medication, and we brought the cat home for care. In the first two days, the cat was very weak and just lay in a corner with closed eyes. But on the third day, its spirit improved. It started eating again and ventured out of the enclosure to get acquainted with the new friends.

After two weeks, the cat made a full recovery and lived happily. We never expected that the cat would have such a beautiful coat and unique two-colored eyes. We are grateful for the opportunity to care for this cat and pledge to love and take care of it as a member of our family.

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