The cat not only doesn't like humans very much, but also doesn't get along with other cats in either house, but is very close to the dairy cow.

The cat not only doesn’t like humans very much, but also doesn’t get along with other cats in either house, but is very close to the dairy cow.

Daisy, the black cat, arrived at the RSPCA as a kitten. Happily, a family adopted her, but four weeks later, they returned her. It seems she was not overly fond of other cats… or people, for that matter.

“No only does she not like humans very much, but she also didn’t get along with the other cats in either house, so both sets of owners found having her too difficult,” wrote Metro.

Fortunately for the mysterious “void”, the perfect arrangement for such a cat arrived. Dairy farmer Ruth Grice suspected the cat was well-suited for life on the farm and adopted her.

However, nobody could have foreseen that the seemingly antisocial feline would immediately bond with the cows.

Dairy farm where Daisy lives

Inbetweener’ Cat Daisy
As the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Center shared on Facebook:

“AN INBETWEENER CAT. Not every cat is suited to the same kind of lifestyle,” they wrote.

“Just as people have individual needs and personalities, so do cats. Such cats come from a variety of backgrounds. They may have been poorly socialized when they were very young kittens and may not have had the right kind of interactions with people,” they continued.

In Daisy’s case, she might always find people a little sketchy.

“They may see people as a threat and find their behavior unpredictable, unsettling and unwelcome.”

Instead of a house, the sleek panther preferred farms and gardens.

“Many Inbetweeners can do well living a free-roaming lifestyle where they have food and shelter and a person who looks out for them, caring for them from a distance. There are many appropriate environments where this can be the case. Stables, farms and spacious gardens are often ideal. And that’s exactly what Daisy needed,” the RSCPA wrote.

Daisy, the cat with dairy cows, RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre

Daisy Falls in Love with the Dairy Cows
When she arrived on the farm, happily she adapted quickly. It looked like life as a farm cat would be ideal.

“Settling in well on the farm and slowly venturing further afield. Daisy met the calves for the first time last week , and they seem to be getting on smooooowthly,” the RSCPA reported.

Daisy, the cat with dairy cows, RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre

Metro reports that Ruth’s heifers adopted Daisy, sleeping in the hay near them.

“She’s settled in so well. We are so glad we adopted her,” said Ruth.

In a comment on Facebook, she said the happy black cat is loving life as queen of the barn.

“Pleased to report that Daisy has found a very cozy place to sleep in the straw rack… It has a very commanding view for the queen of the calf shed 🐱👑,” wrote Grice.

Queen Daisy

Queen of the Barn

Thanks to the dairy farmer, Daisy will enjoy a life she loves among the cows.


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