The cat was abandoned because he lost an eye: A heartbreaking story about heartlessness

The cat was abandoned because he lost an eye: A heartbreaking story about heartlessness

This morning, we came across an abandoned cat lying lonely on the grass. The cat remained still despite the noise from passing cars on the road. The moment we saw the cat’s face, we were shocked. It looked truly terrified with one eye almost bulging out. Its mouth and neck seemed injured, and its dirty black fur emitted an unpleasant odor. The cat was very gentle and seemed to enjoy being petted by me.


Poor little cat, it must long for a family and love. I called my teammates and asked them to bring some food and a cage. We tried to feed her a piece of fish, but the cat refused to eat. The wound on her mouth prevented her from meowing or eating. I don’t know what happened to the cat, but she must be in pain and desperate.

We immediately took her to the veterinary hospital for an examination. The doctor said that one of her eyes was bulging due to the presence of an abscess inside the eye socket. Additionally, she had a broken tooth and a swollen jaw, likely due to abuse. Other issues regarding her skin and digestion were also discovered. The doctor said that it was necessary to perform eye removal surgery on her as soon as possible.

I burst into tears upon hearing this. The poor little cat had to endure such unhappiness and immense pain. Wiping away my tears, we decided to proceed with the surgery immediately. The process went smoothly, with the cat showing a slight resistance but still being cooperative. Afterwards, she was also taken for a bath, grooming, and nail trimming. Despite losing one eye, she now looks much better.


Her face was swollen to the point where she couldn’t open her mouth, so we had to feed her through a syringe. Fear not, little angel, the dark days are behind you, and your life will now enter a new chapter. Welcome to the rescue team; we will be your new family.


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