The kitten overcame adversity with the help of a kind cat

The kitten overcame adversity with the help of a kind cat

A kitten stunned everyone with her progress after she was out of the shelter and a cat offered his help.

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“She had a lot going on medically and her case was a huge undertaking for a rescue,” Kristen shared with Love Meow. “I reached out to our amazing team at St. Francis Society Animal Rescue and asked if we could give her the chance she needed.”

Kristen was sitting in the parking lot when she got the green-light to pick up the kitten.

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The little tuxedo was found by a Good Samaritan who tried to feed her, but she was too frail to eat. She was battling an upper respiratory infection, significantly dehydrated, severely anemic and malnourished.

“I took her in knowing the very high probability that she wouldn’t make it. Everyone told me to prepare myself. I get these intuitive feelings sometimes, and I have to follow them.”

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Catniss needed assistance to eat at first to help her build up strength. With nutritionally rich food and supportive care, things began to look up.

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“I was able to syringe-feed her a little to get her started, then she ended up finishing the rest on her own.”

As soon as she got pep back in her feet, she stretched out her arms and kneaded away on her blanket. She would push her paws in and out when she ate, and keep the rhythm going whenever Kristen tended to her.

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After a few days of round-the-clock care and plenty of TLC, Catniss regained her voracious appetite and was strong enough to eat on her own. Her body temperature was back in a normal range, and she grew increasingly curious about her surroundings.

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Catniss was set to graduate from the incubator and explore the vastness of her foster home.

As she toured around the house, she was greeted by other foster kitties and a loving resident cat named Mickey. Catniss was over the moon to be included as part of their crew.

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Soon, she was playing with the younger kittens, zooming around as if they had always been siblings. Mickey the cat took her under his wing and would swoop in whenever she needed a cuddle.

Catniss found tremendous comfort in Mickey.

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She would melt into him when he washed her face or wrapped his arms around her. The resident cat showered her with love and made sure that she was never alone.

In two months, Catniss has blossomed into a beautiful young cat with a sweet temperament and a penchant for cuddles.

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She moved into her forever home two days ago with another kitten named Sunny. “They will get to grow up together and have another kitty friend at home.”

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“I can’t believe the progress she has made. Just to think, she was minutes away from not getting a chance at a beautiful life,” Kristen shared with Love Meow.

“She made best friends in foster care, and now she has her forever family and home. I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

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