The moment can be overwhelming, but having a little human express his or her love for you can make all the difference.

The moment can be overwhelming, but having a little human express his or her love for you can make all the difference.

ou must have worried too, at one point, whether your little one will like you or not. There are so many moments that might have overwhelmed you, but having a tiny human express his/her love to you can make all the difference. It is pretty normal for a baby to have a soft spot for a specific person in his/her life.


In fact, it is extremely important from a baby’s development standpoint. For their social, physical, and emotional well-being, toddlers need to form strong bonds with their caregivers. More often than not, that ‘special person’ in their life is their mommies.



For any mother, being the chosen one is the brownie point that she cherishes the most. And, she deserves it. After all, nurturing the toddler from the minute he/she was in the womb is no mean task. Your baby will grow up one day and will be able to express how much he/she loves you verbally. Until then, watch out for these adorable ways (nonverbal) through which babies tell you that you are their favorite.


  1. Your Face Can Light Up Their World

We’re sure that you know this feeling. You have not been in the room for a while and then you walk in. Your baby’s face lights up, indicating every inch of excitement that he/she feels. Just one look at you can make the toddler smile with all his/her might. This is another one of those signs that you are your baby’s chosen one.



  1. They Flash That Adorable Smile At You

Most experts say that babies smile for the first time somewhere between six to eight weeks of age. The icing on the cake is that the smile is not just because of the gas anymore, but also because they are expecting a reaction from you. You may ask, why? This is because your face has suddenly become more appealing to them than anyone else’s.


  1. They Are Looking Right At You
  3. When it is that random guy in the office trying to make eye contact, it can be extremely creepy. But, if it is your baby, it means the world to you. Babies stare at you with a hope to get to know you better. With this exercise, the baby tries to match the recognizable sight, smell, and sound to the visible person, which essentially means you!



    1. When They Begin To Recognize You

    More or less, a baby knows everything when it comes to you. The tiny tot has been hearing your voice since the time he/she was in your womb and can even recognize your odor. A study mentioned in the book “The Philosophical Baby” by Psychology professor Alison Gopnik, Ph.D., showed that, when placed between his/her mother’s breast pad and one belonging to someone else, the baby will always turn towards the odor of his/her mommy’s breast milk.


    1. They Are Always Looking For You
  5. A mother’s single touch and sound can calm down a baby’s heartbeat. So, it definitely comes as no surprise that a tiny tot will prefer his/her mommy’s sound to the chaos of the whole wide world. Probably, that is why you would have noticed your baby trying to reach out to you, no matter whose arms he/she is in.


    1. Their Hand Is Always Reaching Out To You

    Your infant’s body language can clearly indicate how much he/she adores and trusts you. At six months old, your baby can reach out to you, wanting to be picked up. But, even when the toddler is only two months old, he/she can stiffen the body to express the desire to be picked up in your arms.


    So, the next time you feel unsure of whether you are your baby’s favorite or not, you know of these sweet nonverbal signals to look out for!

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