A Dog with End-Stage Cancer, a Life Spent Outdoors, Deserves Compassion and Comfort in His Final Days.

A Dog with End-Stage Cancer, a Life Spent Outdoors, Deserves Compassion and Comfort in His Final Days.

Volunteers at an animal shelter are looking for a home for a 10-year-old dog who has days left to live.


Joyanna has endured a life without love and has now got terminal cancer.

Her owners surrendered her because of a a volleyball-sized mammary tumor, which has metastasized to her lungs.

The SPCA of Wake County is looking for a family to give her a loving and supportive home for her final days.

Joyanna “has spent her whole life outside and wasn’t given much attention,” as per a Facebook post from the SPCA of Wake County.

“We don’t know exactly how long she has, whether it’s days or weeks or longer,” wrote the SPCA of Wake County in a post. “But we believe she shouldn’t spend her last days in a shelter.

“She deserves to spend this time in a warm home surrounded by the love of a family. Somewhere she can be held, spoiled and feel safe,” the SPCA added.

Volunteers said her heart was “bursting with love and appreciation for every moment of attention she gets.”

After being assessed by two veterinarians, it was determined the best thing to do for Joyanna would be to give her as much joy as possible in the time she has left.

The sweet dog spends her days snoozing on a soft bed and enjoying cuddles whenever she can.

“And don’t be fooled, her spirits are high, and she’s got some pep in her step! Her tail wags away, and she loves being outside and rolling in the grass,” they wrote.

They said they’re looking for a very special family or individual who would open their home to Joyanna for whatever time she has left.

“It would be the ultimate gift to a dog in her last days,” they wrote.

I really hope someone opens their home to this sweet dog during her final days.

For those considering adopting the dog with terminal cancer, it is essential to be prepared for the emotional journey that lies ahead. Providing palliative care, including pain management and regular veterinary visits, will be crucial in ensuring her comfort and well-being. The love and care given during this time can make a significant difference in the dog’s quality of life.

May this plea for a loving home touch the hearts of individuals who are capable of providing the compassion and care that this dog deserves. Let it serve as a reminder of the profound impact that we can have on the lives of animals, especially those in need of love, comfort, and understanding in their final moments.

It’s heartbreaking that Joyanna was not given the love she deserves and not looked after properly when she got sick. I hope she can find some love and joy soon. Please share.

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